Bored Displacement Piles

Bored displacement piles are used where low vibrations and minimal spoil generation are important to project delivery.

Typically bored piles are selected due to low vibration during installation compared with driven displacement systems. However bored systems generally produce spoil as the material is removed from the bore and replaced with concrete.

Bored displacement piles have the advantage of low vibrations as they are formed by rotating and pushing a displacement tool into the ground, displacing the sides of the bore, in this way very little spoil is generated.

Bored displacement piling requires very high torque machines in order to screw the drill rods and tool into the ground. Not all ground conditions are suited to this type of piling and its use is generally better in granular rather than cohesive soils.

Bored displacement piles can be constructed using our Soilmec SR70, Soilmec 625 or Junttan 1830 piling rigs.